Venture City Time-Traveller

Commentator MatrixQ brought up my thoughts on the lack of a time manipulation-esque ability in my So You Wanna Make a Venture City Character video. This was one of the gaps I immediately noticed in the new rules and sought to rectify, and since MatrixQ brought it up, here is my homebrew attempt at a Space-Time Manipulation Power Theme:

Power Theme: Space-Time Manipulation

You can manipulate space and time.

Basic Space-Time Manipulation: Your powers are all focused on manipulating space-time. The fabric of reality bends and time seems to distort whenever you use your powers.


Anchored in Time: You cannot be directly affected by changes to the time stream and you will always recognize a timeline that is not your own.

Five Seconds Ahead: Your Notice is +2 when picking up on danger and detecting ambushes.

Alter Dimensions: You are able to manipulate the size and shape of non-living objects, making them as small as a grain of sand or as big as something that will fill an entire zone. This takes an action and if you attempt to alter the dimensions of an object in the possession of another character, they may roll opposed opposition to your attempt with Athletics or Physique.

Common Power Synergies

Item Summoning: You have a pocket dimension that you can access where you store useful items.

Slowing: You are able to stop time.

Teleportation: You not only can move through space, but through time as well.


  • You can manipulate space-time, but you are by no means its master. Your alterations cause a Butterfly Effect.
  • Your powers have a detrimental effect on space-time, Weakening the Fabric of Reality.

Improved Special Effect

Temporal Alacrity: You may provide the Extra Action or Movement effect to a character of your choice that is not yourself.

Collateral Damage Effects

Temporal Distortion: Time goes haywire in the zone you are in. You’re unaffected, but everyone else faces a Fair (+2) obstacle against actions that persists to the end of the scene.


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