Stargate, Powered by Fate: Skills, part 1

For this next part, I considered at length how to approach it. While I enjoy the streamlined list of skills in Fate Core for most games, I also had to bear in mind that Skills are one of the primary ways to reinforce what is important in a setting. That led me to my current iteration of a Skills list for Stargate, containing 25 total skills (seven more than base Fate Core).


Skill Description
Academics Scholarship, education, and general knowledge
Athletics Aptitude with physical movement and avoiding harm
Contacts Ability to make connections with others, network, and leverage relationships
Bureaucracy Application of organizational etiquette and protocol; political maneuvering
Deceive Lying, misdirection, and subtly manipulating others
Empathy Sensitivity to the moods and emotions of others
Fight Close quarters and melee combat
Hardware Ability to build, repair, physically hack and upgrade equipment; demolitions
Infiltrate Avoiding detection, lock picking, sleight of hand, and creating misdirection
Intrusion Electronic intrusion and counter intrusion, hacking, encryption/decryption
Investigate Research, analysis, interviewing, and other info gathering/collating skills
Linguistics Applied use of languages and related knowledge
Lore Mythology, folklore, and esoteric knowledge
Medicine Applied care of biological beings, medical research and related knowledge
Notice Situational awareness and casual observance
Physique Physical aptitude, like strength or endurance
Pilot Operating vehicles, remote controlling drones, and related knowledge
Program Writing and modifying software code, programming machines
Provoke Intimidating, frightening, or otherwise aggressively manipulating others
Rapport Making positive connections and eliciting positive emotions
Resources Currency, equipment, and possessions; knowledge of economics
Shoot Ranged combat
Survival Endure, navigate, and thrive in various environments
Will Ability to keep one’s composure; used with certain tech and advanced powers

EDIT 4/26/2016: Science has been folded into Academics and Hardware.Let me know in the comments or email ( below what you think of this list and, for those skills that are significantly different enough, I will post how they are used in conjunction with the Four Actions in separate posts.

EDIT: 5/6/206: Changed Reputation back to Contacts.


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