Wanted: Heroes, pt. 1 “Origins” Recap

On February 6th I ran my first ever superhero-styled game, as well as my first game using the recently improved Venture City superpower rules. You can watch the session here at Roll for Your Fate on YouTube. Here’s a recap:

Enter Our Heroes

The story began on a day seemingly like any other. But but for three special individuals, it was a different day indeed.

Young Brendon O’Grady was having breakfast with his aunt before work, like always…except today was the day he lost his parents.His anger and grief, smothered beneath veneer of unassuming meekness. A mask he wore to hide another face even Brendon wasn’t fully aware of yet.

Not far from the young accountant, in a warehouse at the edge of the city’s center, sat a man surrounded by machine parts. This man, this tinkerer, this mad genius was hunched over his latest project when he received a telephone call. It was his personal assistant, Gladys, worriedly seeking him out to remind him of one of the most important meetings of his life. The man was Dr. Tobias Hutton Mulville III, futurist and principal owner of Mulville Industries, and the meeting was to determine his future as head of his own company.

In the nearby high street from Mulville’s warehouse, two coppers patrolled a still-battered neighborhood along the border of the City of London and Westminster. Sergeant Rick Allen and his rookie partner Warren Harper, a man with possibly the biggest secret on the planet, are walking their beat. After a bit of banter, Harper notices something very odd: a car parked on the curb outside the only open bank in the area.

This was odd because cars were a rare site in London after the War, and because it was illegal parked outside of the bank.  Worse still, they see the blinds to the bank are drawn, despite it being mid-day. Harper and his partner move to investigate.

Elsewhere, Mulville and O’Grady both rush to the same destination – Mulville Industries – and run into each other along the way. It is then they notice the same thing that Harper did, which to the every-spinning mind of Dr. Mulville provided an excellent time to potentially perform another field test on his latest invention: the Steam Hammer Mk. I. O’Grady follows his employer, hoping to convince him not to be hasty…

The Heist

Sergeant Allen takes point as they approach the bank, breaching it quickly. Harper was about to follow behind when he noticed something inexplicable: a man rising out of the pavement. Harper reacts quickly, donning his power ring and revealing to the world part of his secret: he is The Beacon!

Inside, Warren can hear raises voices and sees a flash! He worries for his partner, but focuses on dodging this knife-wielding assailant with powers of their own. As this knife fight begins, Mulville emerges from his workshop as Steam Hammer – a steam-powered suit of armor. Steam Hammer rushes to the scene, leaving O’Grady behind to battle with his own fears of getting involved.

Summoning constructs of light, powered by Hope, The Beacon deftly deflects the knife strikes. As the knife deflects harmless off The Beacon’s shield, Steam Hammer arrives like a locomotive and leaps into action. His steam-powered arm smashes into the phase of the young reprobate, knocking him out in one hit. The thug bounces off the ground and goes limp.

Back at the warehouse, O’Grady argues with himself. He doesn’t want to get involved, but feels a sense of inevitable as he realizes he’ll be dragged into it one way or another. He steels himself for the fight and cautiously makes his way towards the high street.

The Beacon, surprised by the entrance of Steam Hammer but unpeturbed, Harper swings open the bank door after a word with Steam Hammer. Inside, he sees both staff and client huddling in corners or face first on the ground. In the center of the room is a man with a smoking hand and at this man’s feet is the smoking form of Sergeant Allen. Harper, concerned for his partner and the civilians wastes no time, flying into the air and grappling with the robber.

Behind The Beacon, Steam Hammer bashes his way into the bank. At the same time, from the banks vault, emerges another robber: seven foot tall and completely covered by stone. This rock-man hurled himself at Steam Hammer, sending the two of them crashing to the floor as the stone burglar pinned Mulville to the ground. The four men struggled, grappling and punching.

Outside, O’Grady arrived by stealth outside the bank. He spurred the civilians trapped inside to flee, and they needed very little encouraging. As the battle raged on inside, something overtook Brendon…a maniacal grin stretched across his face. Psyphon had come to play.

Peeking in side, the mad Psyphon saw Steam Hammer land a knock-out blow to the stone man before dumping the man’s limp, naked form on the ground. Only one burglar remained…and he had power: Psyphon called up a wave of crippling energy and struck! The man with the smoking hands convulsed in The Beacon’s grip and collapsed.

The robbery was over, but as the heroes dragged the criminals they found themselves surrounded by military police.

Be Wary of Suits Bearing Gifts

The Beacon, Psyphon, and Steam Hammer are detained by the military police, their statements taken before being placed alone in a large tent. While waiting, two well-dressed men entered: one was a typical English-men in horn-rimmed glasses and the other was bald, dark-skinned man. Introducing themselves as Mr. Coleman and Mr. Cypher, respectively, they sat with the heroes to discuss the future.

The suits said all the right things, expressing a desire to work with the three of them to improve the lives of British citizens everywhere while promising the support of what appeared to be a powerful governmental agency. Despite their reservations, the three of them were convinced to cooperate…for now.

After a photo op with the military police, shaking hands and being congratulated for being upstanding citizens, the three went their separate ways. The Beacon flew off into the night to consider the events of the day. Mulville, with Brendon at his side, returned to his companies headquarters to learn that they had secured a new ally  – a mysterious investor that quite suddenly bought up shares enough to create a powerful third block in determining who ran the company. For now that remained Tobias.

That was the first session of Wanted: Heroes! Check out the next session, which will be airing live on February 27th 2016 at the Roll for Your Fate YouTube channel.


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