Behind the Session (Wanted: Heroes, Session 1)

New genre ya’ll! That’s right, I am trying my hand at running superheroes. A genre I feel Fate is aptly suited for. This was a very solid session overall and I got to welcome a new player to my table in the form of Thomas E.

New Engine Under the Hood

The session was so solid that my only real comment is to talk about the new Venture City superpower rules. Simply put, they’re amazing and worth the twenty bucks I paid to get them early. They really push playing supers with Fate to a new level of not only ease of use but of depth.

Powers work with stunts, primarily. You create an overall power, buy basic power stunts and enhancements to them to flesh it out. You get to select little special effects for your power that you can take advantage on when you succeed with style. You also create a drawback to your power in the form of an aspect. Finally, you get a big HOLY CRAP ability for your power in the form of a collateral damage effect.

Spoiler alert for my full review on the book when it is officially released, but I highly recommend it.

Wrap Up

The next session is on February 27th. I want to continue to push more and more towards player driven, emergent gaming. Session one was a good start, but it’ll be time to build on it in session two. Tune in and find out how the players adjust to being big damn heroes!


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