Power Drama Initiative

I recently discovered new way of doing initiative for Fate, Alternative Initiative by Ryan M. Danks. Click on it, read it, it’s awesome. I’ve used it for two sessions of Fate now – Bad Deal, pt. 1 and Wanted: Heroes, pt. 1 “Origins” – and it has been a blast. It takes a bit getting used to, especially if your used to roll or skill-based initiatives like…pretty much everyone.

That being said, it did require some modification by me for a Fate games that make use of enhanced speed, namely The Dresden Files RPG. See, in Dresden certain Powers modify initiative – Speed Powers. Thus, in order to make sure player and non-player characters are still getting the most out of their abilities I had to add  elements to the system to account for it.

Without further ado, click here for the modification.


2 thoughts on “Power Drama Initiative

    1. I totally agree. It flows better too. Don’t get me wrong, I love rolling dice but I would rather say “and Alex gets the first move” then you decide what Alex does and roll. Feels…right.


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