Behind the Session: Bad Deal, pt. 1

The wait is over! The dynamic wizarding duo of Alex Blackheart, played by Dennis K., and Kaden Nuru, played by Mathew B., is back! This is been a few months in the making, but with me travelling to the States and the holidays it is only now that it happens. I was super excited for this session, and I have a couple of talking points from it I’d like to share.

 The Continuing Adventures

Bad Deal continues on where A Denarius for Your Soul left off. What I’ve really liked about this series so far is that everything that has happened has been the consequence of a single moment and the choices that continued them down this path. If that isn’t Dresden Files, I don’t know what is!

We are coming to an end of that wave soon though. After the next part of Bad Deal, I want to have one more session to allow the players to really soak in everything they’ve done since…well…Christmas time 2014 (how amazing is that!) before moving on. Assuming Dennis and Mathew are still interested, I want to focus the next phase to be driven even more by their characters and aspects. Stay tuned.

Of Mice and GM’s

Like I talked about in Down and Out in London Town’s Behind the Session, I’m been continuing to test different styles of prep for games. In this game, I had some pretty heavy planning. I broke the content into acts and scenes, having relatively detailed notes. I always tried to keep things vague with if/then phraseology.

Did it work? Yes and no.

I felt that the game had a good flow, hitting on various events and keeping a tense pace. I wouldn’t attribute that entirely to the prep, but at least partially. Would I would attribute to the prep is the opposite feeling I had in Down and Out in London Town – I felt a bit stifled, like I was leaning too much on an framework which hampered my improvisational creativity.

I have some ideas, especially for Fate-based games, of how to elevate this issue. Look for that in Bad Deal, pt. 2.

First on Camera PC Takeout!

This was an exciting, action-packed setting that contained my very first on camera Take Out as a GM. That’s right, Kaden Nuru took one too many hits and ended up knocked-out in a ditch. It was…AWWEESSSOMMMEEE!

It was awesome, not because I was rubbing my fingerless GM gloves in glee over having gotten one over a player, but because it flowed perfectly with the scene and the rules-as-written. In the final fight, Kaden took a few too many big hits and Mathew had taken on some consequences. Looking at the situation, he decided that fighting to the bitter end wasn’t really needed and Conceded, Cashing Out for some fate points, and enjoying Alex tear the remaining enemies apart.

It was a text-book Take Out in my opinon, kudos to Mathew for making that choice!

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap. It was a great session and I hope to get the guys back fore more when Bad Deal concludes. Look out for Bad Deal, pt. 2 on February 20th for the epic conclusion!


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