Bad Deal, pt. 1 Recap

Welcome back to The Adventures of Alex Blackheart and Kaden Nuru! It’s been a longtime coming, so without further ado lets recap.

Waking Up a Popsicle

Alex and Kaden awake to find themselves encased in ice, in a room seemingly made from ice, and keeping a woman clothed in ice in disinterested in suspense. That woman, of course, wasn’t really a woman but a faerie, and not any faerie but Mab – Queen of Air and Darkness, the Monarch of the Unseelie Fae. As the ice around them began to thaw, Mab rose to greet them.

Captured audience, as they were, Alex and Kaden politely listened to a more playful Mab (or so it seemed). Mab outlined to them a new task for them to complete: rescue the daughter of one of her retainers who was kidnapped by the Denarians Tessa and Rosanna after their little scuffle with Alex and Kaden in Winter during their last adventure. Mab cajoles and threatens, but Alex spoke confidently (and respectfully) to the Sidhe Queen and convinced her to give them a better deal before they accepted her job.

Thus satisfied, a please Mab thawed them the rest of the way. Naked and in a castle of ice, Alex and Kaden followed Mab to a chamber. There they were left with a Sidhe tailor, who fashioned them with threads “worthy of agents of Mab”.

After they were dressed, Mab reappeared dressed for the boardroom and detailed their new labor, securing their agreement again before leaving with the tailor. They were going to Syria, to war-torn Damascus, and they were going by way of one of the many mirrors in the room they stood in.

They’re Shootin’ at Us! They’re Chasin’ Us!

Arriving through the portal, Alex and Kaden find themselves in blasted ruins at the outskirts of Damascus. They examined their surroundings and saw that their contact, the faerie Mab said would greet them there, was nowhere to be found. What they did find was bullets, as an unseen sniper took a shot at them!

Wasting no time, Kaden immediately dives for cover. Alex, being one to rush headlong into danger, found the snipers perch and charged towards it in a nearby building. Rushing up several flights of stairs, Alex burst into the wrecked floor of what once was an office building. The sniper was quick on the draw, but Alex was quicker as he deftly dodged more incoming fire. Calling upon his own power, his pact with the All Father, and the dark place within where murder lurked, Alex struck with a ferocious lightning bolt.

The sniper was down, but not dead. Perhaps Alex had finally learned some restraint, or maybe he had hoped to get information out of the man. Kaden, having seen the flash, calls out for the all clear which Alex gives. Kaden joins Blackheart over the smoking form of the sniper as he was inspecting the Syrian irregular. The man was unconscious, and they didn’t have time to wake him up. More soldiers were coming in armed jeeps that raced down the blasted street towards them.

With quick thinking, Alex conjured Air and grabbed Kaden as they leapt from the floor of the building they were on to the ground below, air cushioning their fall. Kaden began to run, taking the lead in the chase as the attack jeeps rounded the corner. Alex, with his calculating mind and abundant energy from his slow fall spell, drove the magic out into road in the form of a swirling barrier of air.

The jeep hit the barrier as if it were a solid wall. Alex ran to catch up with Kaden, who led them into nearby ruins. They had lost their pursuers, only to find themselves accosted by a diminutive man with an American accent who greeted them with the words “what took you so long”.

Means Streets of Damascus

Their contact was a Fae being known as Ly Erg,  the red-handed warrior. He led the way, explaining the difficulties of travelling surreptitiously through the city. Alex, now highly suspicious of even his own shadow, decided to use the Sight ascertain this dwarf was who he claimed to be. After a harrowing encounter with the raw, cold power emanating from the man, Alex was pretty sure he was Mab’s agent.

However, he did not have long to ruminate on this as they were ambushed yet again! This time, horrific dog-like beings with glowing eyes and stinging-tentacles almost like a jellyfishes struck at them. Kaden was almost felled immediately: badly cut and bleeding, he managed to unleash a powerful wave of gravity-filled debris that shredded one of the three packs of monstrous dogs attacking them. Alex, for his part, unleashed the lightning with such force as to shatter both foe and earth. The Ly Erg, meanwhile, was a blur as his axe cut down hound after hound.

Regrouping, the remaining hounds attacking Alex and Kaden leap into a suicidal attack. Kaden is swiped hard in the head and sent tumbling into a destroyed building, unconscious. Alex, using the last of his magic power, is able to dispatch the remaining hounds attacking him as the Ly Erg finishes off his opponents. Alex, wounded and drained himself, stumbles towards his downed friend before collapsing himself.

What happened next is a story for another session – tune in on February 20th to watch the exciting conclusion of Bad Deal!


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