Behind the Session: Down and Out in London Town

It’s been a couple of weeks since I ran this session, which you can find here, but I still have things to talk about regarding it. Time to go behind the session.

Knights of the Random Table

In the last few session I’ve ran, I have been approaching my prep in different ways in my quest to find the perfect amount of prep for me. For this session, given it’s d20 nature, I decided to try using a Random Encounter Table to drive the action of the session. The results, to my mind, was a chaotic mess that exceeded every expectation I had.

I say this because of my players. The took each of the two random encounters that occurred and ran with it. In fact, the first random encounter (the knights coming for Rosaleen) led into another I had on the table (the trial by combat). The random encounters created a feeling of dynamism and action-reaction that I hadn’t experienced in previous d20 sessions I’ve ran or played.

The only con of the Random Encounter Table is that I felt like I was flying the the seat of my pants a bit more than I’m used to. It was fun, and I like to think I am pretty good at improvising, but I think I would have liked slightly more agency regarding world events. Still…can’t argue with results, and the result was awesome!

The Jury is Still Out

Let me get this out of the way first: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is cool, but I still don’t think I love d20 systems. I find my mind drifting, wondering what the sessions would be like if I was using Fate. Call me a Fate groupie, but I can’t help seeing worlds of fractals and aspects!

I will press on though. I’m planning at least four to six session to complete this arc/campaign, won’t change something major like the system being used at this point (been there, gets confusing).

Wrap Up

Overall, this was a a great session. Lots of great high moments, thrilling chases, and excellent use of tactics/abilities by my players. I’m looking forward to seeing how they both deal with the consequences of what happened at the end of this session come this Saturday. You can watch The Wolves of London over at the Roll for Your Fate Youtube Channel starting on February 13th, 2016 at 1PM EST/6PM GMT!


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