2015: What a Wild Ride!

I can say, without a doubt, that 2015 was a crazy year with many up’s and downs and changes. One constant through it all was this thing we call roleplaying games. I’ve been privileged to play and run many great games this year, continuing forward the momentum in the hobby that began for me at the first BrigadeCon.

I’d therefore like to take this opportunity, as others around the community have, to put this wild ride of a year in review.

I Had a YouTube Channel Once…

I created “DrFunLoveTV” as a result of wanting to run games for the first BrigadeCon and needing a space to host them. Up till that point, I had been inspired by the many fine voices in the YouTube RPG Bridgade (the first iteration of the RPG Brigade) and decided to continue making videos after BrigadeCon. Many videos and nearly a year later, DrFunLoveTV was unceremoniously taken behind the shed and shot.

I had fun doing that channel. I also had a lot of stress – some of it is from the crrueeelll world being sow mean to widdle ol’ me – but most of it was self-inflicted. Holding oneself to standards of a professional YouTube channel then turning around and saying you failed is self-sabotage and certainly not healthy.

It also became a matter of time investment. For me, creating even a simple video took a great deal of a limited pool of free time. I had to ask myself what I’d rather be doing: making videos or doing the various activities that led to me playing or running games? Ultimately, I decided on the latter.

That being said, DrFunLoveTV wasn’t the end of my having a commentary space for the hobby.

There is No Fate but the One You Roll

Roll for Your Fate rose from the ashes of DrFunLoveTV. Currently it is a blog only, but in the New Year I may also bring video content back via a YouTube Channel of the same name. Making videos will be tertiary though to playing/running games and writing in this blog.

Speaking of the blog, I have to say I’m generally pleased with it. I am more enamored of its branding and I’ve been appreciative of a place to cogently collect my thoughts. I certainly feel more at home with words on the page than my mug on the camera.

I want to take the blogging further in 2016. I’d like to at least write an article a week, a modest but fair goal (bearing in mind that I am trying to manage my free time better). I have many, many thoughts swirling about my head regarding the hobby that I don’t know where to start.

What do you think I should write about? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

The Adventures of Alexander Blackheart and Kaden Nuru

This was, starting with last years Christmas special, the longest form piece of gaming I ran this year. Ran as linked but separate stories using The Dresden Files RPG, these sessions were an amazing time. Kudos to Dennis K. and Mathew B. (Alex and Kaden respectively) and I look forward to the chance to continue the adventure in 2016

BrigadeCon 2015 and Beyond

I am happy to say that BrigadeCon 2015 happened and I participated. I played in Chepe’s session of Ehdrigohr, a very interesting Native American-inspired RPG using Fate Core. I also ran a session of The Dresden Files RPG. My thoughts on both, and BrigadeCon 2015 are already here on the blog.

My hopes for 2016’s BrigadeCon, should it happen, is more ENERGY. Maybe it was sophomore-itis or simply because the novelty of my first con had passed but I didn’t feel as excited for this years BrigadeCon. I didn’t feel the excitement from others in the community (with a few exceptions).

Let us all make 2016 a big year for BrigadeCon!

Favorite Game of 2015

Inspired by a post on Facebook from Drive Thru RPG, I’d like to state my favorite game/system of 2015!

This is a tough question in a year where I expanded into several variations of various systems. However, I will go with my gut and say my favorite game that I’ve played this year is…

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery! This throwback d20 book has a fantastic presentation and nice, clean mechanics. It has everything I could ask for while allowing me to cut down on anything too clunky (as, like Fate, it takes a toolkit approach in a lot of ways).

Honorable mention goes to Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I like the mechanics for Lamentations less (I actually think they’re too simple…my God what have I become!) but I LOVE the setting. I look forward to running my first Lamentations game very early in 2016.


Or goals…or things I want to do…whatever you want to call it.

The big one for me is pushing the game experiences I create fully into the realm of cause and effect, action and reaction. I want to sit down at a table with my side (the world and characters I’ve created) and the players side (their characters and the pasts they’ve forged) to spring board us into stories. I want to get to a point where I as the GM should never have to “plan” an event in the game world, but allow the plans of my characters and my players characters to create the events.

I also want to relax a bit. I am, as I suspect many of us in the community are, a bit of an obsessive compulsive. I get an idea in my head and I work it till it breaks or I do. Again, quite possibly not the healthiest way of going about things. It’s on the list!

Thank You Kindly

No retrospective would be complete, in my view, without giving thanks to the folks I have played with  this year. A big thank you you to:

Anthony F., Chepe, Chris J., Dennis K., Ian C., Ian W., John L., Justin H. Lee P., Lloyd T., Lloyd G., Lloyd C.,   Mathew B., Michael W., Rob D., Tim O., and anyone else I played with this year but failed to mention. You’re all awesome!

Plans for 2016

I have already begun 2016 with the start of a new, long form campaign set in what I am currently calling Magic Earth – an alternate world where magic and fantasy aren’t just figments of our imagination. We’ve already had our Session 0 and Session 1 is next Saturday.

I also want to bring back the adventures of Alexander Blackheart and Kaden Nuru. I’ve been working to get my schedule to align with Dennis K.’s and Mathew B.’s. More prodding will commence in the New Year!

There will be more I’m sure: games to run, games to play, and blog posts to write. I look forward to a big year in 2016 and I hope you are too. Happy New year!


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