Recap for Ghosts: A Session of The Dresden Files RPG

Ghosts was the session of The Dresden Files RPG that I ran this year for BrigadeCon (Streak!). It was a great four hours with Rob D., Chris J., Lloyd T., and Michael W. and I was pleased with the session. Let’s sum it up:

The session began with Achille (Mike W.), Ben (Rob D.), Emma (Lloyd T.) and Laura (Chris J.) meeting at the normal place in a space above Blackthorne’s Books and Sundries. With most of their fellow Paranetters already missing, this was a crucial moment for them. Emma, being the most magically inclined member of the Paranet still in the wild, suggests attempting a tracking spell: problem is, she needed something from someone that was recently taken.

Fortunately, Ben is a NYPD detective and was able to identify their most recently lost member as Tanya Winthrop. With a course of action agreed on, the four of them made to leave Blackthorne’s. Before they could, they discovered the proprietor in a heated discussion with a man that turned out to be the lead detective investigating a rash of missing persons all around Manhattan. The detective, Esposito, had followed a trail of his own and it lead straight to Laura (she was, after all, the senior most member of the ‘net still accounted for).

Ben, not being one to be bullied or allow his friends to be, stepped in. He was able to agitate Esposito and needle him into allowing Ben to assist him. This allowed him to get Laura, along with Achille, out of Blackthorne’s while Esposito was busy being confounded by Emma (who he was questioning). When Esposito protested this, Ben was able to cow into submission and the man meekly finished his conversation with Emma before returning to speaking with Blackthorne.

The proverbial bullet dodged, Ben and Emma went to meet up with Achille and Laura. Ben had suggested that they meet at a local watering hole, Murhpy’s Bar, and that is where the group reunited after their brief separation. At the bar, the situation turns tense when Achille nearly-looses control of his half-ogre temper at the bar’s owner. Laura is able to calm him and the group beat a hasty retreat to Ben’s El Camino – they were in such a rush, they didn’t even pay for Ben’s drink!

Now on the road, Ben navigates for Laura who is driving. Ben’s timing is uncanny, and he quickly leads the Manhattan Paranetters to the apartment of their recently missing member. Sadly, Achille’s hulking form meant that he had to stay with the car while the rest of the group went up to Winthrop’s apartment. There, Laura brought down the ward protecting the woman’s home and Emma used her aeromancy to pick the lock.

Inside, they found an apartment that was neat and undisturbed.  They began a search and Ben’s knack for knowing where to be again presented itself, leading him to a piece of gum between the couch cushions. This provided Emma with the material necessary to create a tracking spell in a ritual, added by her mentor Laura.

With the tracking spell established, the crew prepared to join Achille outside and, as they regrouped, they were swarmed by cops with helicopter support. They seem very interested in the Paranetters who decided a daring escape was in order. Achille, for his part, scaled Winthrop’s building in a single bound. The others took a brief flight upon the wind, courtesy of Emma, to the fire escape.

The cops fired on Ben, Laura, and Emma. Achille, finally having an opportunity to release some of his boiling ogre rage, tore an A/C unit from the top of the building and creamed a police cruiser on the street below. This gave the others an opening to haul ass up the fire escape to the roof and once there, deal with the final obstacle to their escape: the helicopter. Quick thinking on Emma’s part allowed her to take out the helicopter’s spotlight with a hex and with the helicopter fleeing the scene, the party booked it.

Ben, having plenty of contacts in New York City, made a call and secured them fresh wheels no questions asked. Following the tracking spell lead them all to an abandoned hotel on the Upper West Side. Despite the obvious creepiness and the fact that whatever was taking their people may be lurking inside, Laura chose to open her Sight in order to get an edge: this revealed the building was warded but there were blank spots inside on the third floor. She conveyed this info the group and they made a plan to get inside to the third floor.

Laura and Emma wanted to find a safe way in. Achille, owing to his fiery temperament, didn’t way and with sheer physical force pushed his way through the ward. Ben followed right behind him, leaving the girls in the dust. Not to be outdone, Emma conjured her aeromancy in order to pull open a hole in the ward long enough for them to push through.

With all of them inside, and seeing obvious signs of activity in the hotel, the party moved up a central staircase to the third floor. Ben’s talent guided them to the penthouse suite where they discovered half a dozen or so of their fellow ‘netters, alive if not entirely well. It was then that a hideous sound rung out through the floor: awful, bluish insectoid man-creatures launched a fierce attack against them. The battle was fierce: bullets flew, solar wind was conjured, and doors were smashed into wailing creatures.

As the party held the line against one wave then a second wave, Laura consulted with the kidnapped Paranetters. One of them was capable of opening random portals into and out of the Nevernever and with a little help, was finally able to pierce the veil allowing everyone to escape right before an overwhelming wave of the attacking creatures swamped them.

The party, and their comrades, found themselves in Faerie at some kind of carnival amusement park. Everyone took a second to take a deep breath…that is, until Achille’s mother showed up to scold him for years worth of missed calls. But the ogress was feeling charitable and opened a Way back to Earth for the extended group that took them to a hospital and that was were the session ended.

Missed the session? Check it out:


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