BrigadeCon 2015 Wrap-up

I know, it’s been over a week since BrigadeCon came and went again. It was another great time this year and I am glad I participated. I actually got to PLAY a game this year as well as running another Dresden Files one-shot for the ‘con (represent!).

Now my experience was mostly positive but I also felt like something was missing this year. An energy…a drive that was present last year but not this year. I can’t help but wonder if this was because last year the event was new, to everyone, but to me: I had never been to a Con before 2014, had never ran a game over Google Hangouts, had never recorded a video for Youtube, et cetera. As 2015 closes and we come around to another BrigadeCon in 2016 the question of whether it was this absence of newness or something else that made BrigadeCon 2015 feel less the spectacle of fun than it was in its first incarnation.

But, enough about me! Let’s talk about you: if you haven’t already, check out the BrigadeCon 2015 live session playlist for all FORTY-ONE of the great games that took place this year. If one of those don’t reeve your engine I am positive one of the many great GM’s who ran those games has something on their channels that will. See you all at the next BrigadeCon!


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