Recap for Through the Mire and the Smoke

I had the pleasure of finally playing with Chepe (also known as FaunTrodden on Youtuve) as well as John from Red Dice Diaries and Thashif (who I’ve had the pleasure of playing with before, but it was good to play with him again) for my first game of BrigadeCon 2015! Chepe ran a session of Edrigohr, a Native American-inspired Fantasy based on Fate Core. I was playing Ch’ni’wa, the Spider of First Town. John from RDD was playing as Ja’Sool, an eccentric inventor with knowledge of the Mire and Thashif was playing as Gri’tak, a warrior turned blacksmith that was too old for this business.

Our adventure started with a meeting with a strange old Crow, a man of the Mysteries. Chi’ni’wa had never met Ja’Sool and Gri’tak, nor they he before that day. However, each of us answered this strange mans call as if driven to do so by the good spirits. Meeting in an abandoned hut in the Low of First Town, we were given our task: take to a Creep Town that had crept too near and investigate. It seemed a simple enough task, one that Chi’ni’wa was eager to get to: his new compatriots, slightly less so as they were honored elders and not quite as energetic.

As the three of us emerged from the hut we found ourselves surrounded by one of the Step Gangs, a gang that Ch’ni’wa was familiar with, led by a grizzled man named Chi’ow. Chi’ow demanded that we step aside, that they were there for the man of the Mysteries. Ch’ni’wa attempted to deflect, and with the aid of some improvisational acting from Ja’sool, was able to disgrace Chi’ow and peaceable send the gang away (hint: don’t mess with your elders!).

After this encounter, Chi’ni’wa noticed a new ballon be errected by one of the High. Being the Blood-enemy of the High, I self-compelled Chi’ni’wa to go cause a ruckus. Through a disguise and some quick-talking, he was able to convince some of the guards to depart the construction site. This gap allowed Chi’ni’wa to loosen one of the tethers hold the balloon, tipping it over and causing swamp gas to pour down the lane.

With guards close behind, Chi’ni’wa ran back to his new comrades. Ja’sool gazed in awe as the balloon toppled over while providing criticism of the construction. The local gang had also returned and, with some quick thinking, Chi’ni’wa was able to redirect the two parties at each other while the party made their escape down an alley.

Ja’sool, knowing his way down to the Mire, led us to a nearby elevator tended to by young woman that was quite insistent on barring our way. Both Ja’sool and Ch’ni’wa were unable to convince the woman to allow them passage and Ch’ni’wa was about to take drastic action when Gri’tak stepped in. The old blacksmith was able to leverage his reputation and his advanced age to convince the girl to assist them.

Loaded up in the basket, the girl operating the pulley system that took them off the back of the turtle towards the swamp below, things seemed to be going smoothly…until the pulley’s began to snap and break. Ja’sool, using his skills with artifice and borrowed clothing was able to fashion a parachute. Ch’ni’wa, an experienced climber, wasted no time in leaping from the basket to the leg of the Uniwakan and sliding to safety. With moments to spare, Ja’sool and Gri’tak lept from the basket to the muddy waters below.

The girl, refusing to leap at first, was still in danger. Ja’sool and Gri’tak resolved to help her, again using the inventors skill to fashion the parachute into a trampoline-like device that would allow the girl to safely fall to them. This time, they were able to coax her from the basket. Gri’tak and the girl ended up deeply in the water. Ja’sool appealed to a reticent Ch’ni’wa for help, the latter acquiescing and traipsing into the water after them.

Everyone safe and sound, and with help coming for the girl, the party made their way towards the Creep Town. They decided, in deference to Gri’tak’s advanced age, to stop for the night. Ch’ni’wa was on watch that night when they were approached by a bad spirit, his jackal laugh rousing the others from sleep as it taunted them. It claimed responsibility for many of the troubles they had encountered thus far but, being a trick-some spirit, was soothed by a promise from the party: return to First Town what they find at the Creep Town. It seemed, at the the time, a harmless promise.

The party decided to waste no time after being so eerily roused. They made it without further incident to the Creep Town to find it ensconced in mist, seemingly abandoned. Chi’ni’wa scouted ahead, moving between the huts and seeing a black shape stalking in the mist. He also discovered a dead body and returned to the others to report this. But their presence could not remain hidden any longer and they were approached by an emaciated man, one of the bandits, eyes hungry for flesh.

Gri’tak attempted to speak with the man and, from a hiding place quickly taken, Chi’ni’wa was able to launch an ambush. The man was stronger than he looked, but with the old warrior black-smith’s help, the two men were able to overpower the hungering bandit. Gri’tak swiftly ended the man with a blow to the next as he lay prone, muttering about his incessant hunger.

They did learn one thing from the man: the bandits had found an egg and eaten from it. This seemed to cause the calamity that had befallen the place. This seemed odd until they discovered that it was no mere egg: it was the egg of a Uniwakan. The bandits had commented a heinous act of desecration, and all three men were agreed that they had received their just desserts.

Within the violated remains of the egg, they discovered a strange snake-like creature. Nearly vomiting at the sight, Ja’sool was able to identify the creature as a parasite found in the swamp but grown large from consuming the flesh of the holy Uniwakan. Again the men agreed on a course of action: kill it and burn it.

Being a warrior, no matter his age, Gri’tak stepped forward, flame issuing forth from his body. In a flash, the egg husk was ablaze. With well-placed strikes, the snake was rent asunder. Though they failed to procure what the bad spirit had wished, it seems that another spirit had been appeased as the three men learned the strange old Crow that sent them there had been long dead.

Hailed as heroes, Chi’ni’wa, Gri’tak, and Ja’sool could only wonder if their actions against the bad spirit would have consequences as our session came to its end.

Check out the session over on Chepe’s YouTube channel if you’d like to see the full adventure unfold:


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