Behind the Session: Through the Mire and Smoke

I play a lot of Fate via The Dresden Files RPG and I’ve had a lot of great sessions. This one, by far, was the best in terms of a crew of folks who know their Aspects stuff. Compelling, self-compelling, create advantage, and of course invoking: this one had it all. This was the single most impressive thing about this one-shot as it showcased the most unique aspect of Fate and continual pushed the session in interesting direction.

Mastering the use of aspects is one of the more tricky skills. However, we had an experienced Fate group in this game: my hat is off to Chepe, John of Red Dice Diaries, and Thashif. You three really know your stuff when it comes to Fate.

Now that that is out of the way, let me talk about something that was a bit of a mixed bag for me: Edrigohr itself. The setting, and Chepe’s presentation of it, was amazing. But I was less amazed at what my ten dollars bought me in the form of the PDF for the game (Chepe assures me that the hard copy is superior). I may take the PDF to task in a separate post but I’ll say this for now: if you want a really unique fantasy experience with Fate the book is worth it if you are prepared to put up with some niggling annoyance in its presentation.

Anyway, I have BrigadeCon prep to get back to. I hope to play with these three gentleman again in the near future. Maybe I’ll even try my hand at running Edrigohr. In the meantime, I hope you all are enjoying the parade of gaming that is occuring today, but if you’re not check out!


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