Recap for Blood Price: A Session of The Dresden Files RPG

This is a recap for an excellent session of The Dresden Files RPG I ran on Saturday, October 3rd. A big thanks to my five players: Dennis K., Lloyd G., Lloyd T. Ian W., and Tim O. Each of you were awesome despite the occasional technical issues that tried to hobble our session. Special mention to Lloyd G. and Ian W. as this was the first time I had the privilege of playing with them and I look forward to many more.

There’s tons of noteworthy things to talk about regarding this session, so lets start with the recap of it:

Our five player characters began their evening at The Castle, a pub situated along the Thames towards the center of London. This pub is a known haunt for the fringes of the supernatural community: the outsiders, the hunted, and the lowbies of that world. It is also Accorded Neutral Territory and, as the proprietress Helen Thorne puts it, “the safest place in London for a pint”.

After establishing their presences, the players jumped into the fray: Lloyd G. overheard a conversation between a sobbing man and Helen Thorne regarding yet another murder in what had been dubbed The New Ripper Killings by the media. Ethan, Lloyd G.’s character, immediately approached the man and comforted him. Through this, he learned the man’s name was George, a member of a small group of minor talents that had recently lost one of their number: a man who had strange dreams named Stevie.

Meanwhile, Tim O. was also doing a little intelligence gathering – his character Lamont had approached the bar and struck up a conversation with Helen Thorne. Both agreed that someone had to look into this latest series of atrocities aimed at those lesser supernaturally endowed mortals that couldn’t defend themselves. She slipped him a book of matches that referenced a name (Gerraint Davis) and an address to what she described as a White Council ‘library’.

Ethan and Lamont met back at the table they were sharing with Ian W.’s character Andrew Morgan: Andrew and Ethan are partners in an investigative practice that, like themselves, operates on the fringes of the supernatural world. Lamont could be charitable called a ‘consultant’ that occasionally assisted them with some of the trickier aspects of magic as he is a sorcerer of ill repute (and was thus advised not to approach the White Council library himself…it’s good to have friends!). Ethan, and Lamont explained the situation to Andrew, Ethan encouraging Andrew to speak with the weeping man which Andrew did – thus a new ‘case’ was born.

The three of them made to leave, but before they could exit they were approached by Lloyd T.’s character Adrian, an emissary for the god Horus. Adrian wanted to help and the others accepted: after all, they could use all the help they could get. They left the establishment, but with a tail – Dennis K’s character Dominic.

The party headed towards Andrew’s car, deciding that having a set of wheels was preferable to mass transit. They went down the block to where the car was parked, but since Danger Is Around Every Corner they found the car being attended to by a pair of (as Lamont put it) ‘slit-necks’. Caught with their hands underneath Andrew’s car, they immediately attacked.

The battle was fierce. Andrew was badly wounded in his right leg, Dominic nearly lost control of his blood lust, and everyone nearly was blown to bits by the car bomb the Formorians had planted under Andrew’s car. It was a fight that strained the party’s resources, but other than Andrew’s leg and the weight of Adrian’s sponsor crushing down on him they walked away unscathed.

After the attack, Adrian, Ethan regrouped and accompanied Andrew to the hospital via the ambulance that came as as apart of the emergency response. Lamont followed behind in a taxi. Dominic, on the other hand, met with someone important to him at Club Azelle and was given the task of finding the killer, bringing his path back in-line with the others.

As chance would have it the ambulance went to the same hospital that contained the body of Stevie. Adrian, Andrew, and Ethan – leaving Andrew’s hospital room – heading for the morgue. They stop to ask directions from a surly nurse that accused Ethan of being a necrophiliac. It looked like a dead-end until Adrian slapped down some notes – the nurse took five and directed them to the basement.

The three of them met Dominic and Lamont in the lobby. All five of them went down to the basement floor, nearly crashing down to it as a result of a jittery sorcery and some loose energy, and entered the morgue. They found the locker with Stevie’s body and Andrew hobbled to it: he first attempted to reach out to Stevie’s spirit but it was nowhere to be seen. He then proceeded to use his psychometric powers to relive the murder which revealed to them the face of the killer.

It was a Formorian. Not one of their modified human servitors. One of the frog-faces themselves, and that was how the session ended.

Feel free to watch (or download the audio and listen) the session at the link below:


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