Behind the Session: Blood Price

Let’s talk a little more about Blood Price and if you haven’t already check out the recap here. This session went incredibly well with only a few bumps. Time to get into it:

The roleplaying, oh boy the roleplaying! We had some great personalities on display in Blood Price. I found myself consistently laughing out loud as my players showcased their characters wit, sarcasm, and charm. This was the first session these players had with these characters, but I was very impressed with the performances they put on.

For myself, I look back and I  would say that I was moderately happy with my own performance. I think my favorite bits are my portrayal of George, the devastated friend of one of the victims, and the nurse at the hospital that played gatekeeper to the players progress. As to what performance I thought could have used a bit more oomph: Therese, Dominic’s mysterious lady friend. I am definitely going to work on developing her more before her next appearance.

Another highlight of the session was everyone’s improvisation and manipulation of the ‘declare a fact’ mechanic in Fate. I felt that everyone was bouncing off each other organically, weaving details and fleshing out our Dresden-verse London in that way that only a session can do. The little things really can make a world of difference.

The big thing though, for me as the a chronic Game-master of The Dresden Files RPG, was the game mechanics in this session. Though my players may disagree with me, more than any session I’ve ran this year I felt that this game felt balanced. Each dice role felt like it was appropriate to the power-level and capabilities of the player characters. The one combat we had, against foes in the fiction who would give this cast a hard time, gave them a hard time: Fate points were flying back and forth, Debt was accrued, maneuvers and planning took place, and the big finish (the car bomb) stretched the players to their limits. It felt very…Dresden Files.

In regards to the case, I was quite pleased with how the breadcrumbs crumbled. I had planned plenty of lines of inquiries for them to take and while one of them ended up being followed, I was more impressed with how the player characters evolved their lead through their role-play and their declaration of facts: it really elevated the chasing after the lead.

Overall an excellent session and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in the tale.


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