Improv for Gamers Review

Let me say straight up that as soon as I saw that first advert for Improv for Gamers on Facebook, I was leery. I was skeptical of the value this title would bring to the table, and the fact that it falls in the category of ‘pay-to-play-better’ was doing it no favors. It’s blurb even makes the sensationalist claim – as marketing is wont to do – that the book will “Level up your gaming skills”. The whole thing got my hackles up in a hurry.

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Mow POHWAH! – Power Themes for Fate Core’s Venture City

Couple of years back, I took a crack at creating a power theme for Venture City, an excellent superhero system using Fate Core. For the uninitiated, a power theme in Venture City  flavors a characters power and opens up additional options: it might be adding an elemental effect or making their power based on technology versus the super gene. Want to play a turbulent pyrokinetic or a crotchety spell-slinger? Power themes are how you’d do it.

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SUCCESS: Numenera Discovery & Destiny Received!

Remember how I said I’d be back if I just so happened to get those PDF’s Monte Cook Games owed me? Well this morning I received a flurry of emails from Monte Cook Games customer service, the net result of which were Numenera Discovery & Destiny, as well as Trilling Shard, are in my possession. Finally, I can put to bed this Kickstarter experience and walk away smiling. Continue reading “SUCCESS: Numenera Discovery & Destiny Received!”

How I Lost $40 on a Successful Kickstarter: My Bad Kickstarter Story

UPDATE: Monte Cook Games have come through for me. Read more here.



Finally, it happened to me: I gave money to a Kickstarter and it went bad. Not because the creator took the money and ran. Not because the product never got made. No, the Kickstarter in question was a success and the product created. I wouldn’t know that from having received said product though, since I didn’t.

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